Henry Arguinchona

June 3, 1955, Boise - Mrs. Reinold Klyn, HenryArguinchona (accordion) Julia Luque and Larry Arguinchona (ready to dance) were among the entretainers at the international pary given Wednesday.

Kelland Clark

Kelland Clark was born in North Carolina in Sept. 1921.  In 1930, he was living with his family in Wolf Pit, NC in Richmond County.  Kelland was an accordionist who worked with country & western bands like the Tennessee Ramblers, in North Carolina, Atlanta, etc.

Miren Aizpitarte

2011 July - Boise Oinkari Basque Dancers performance in Euskadi.

Miren's love for music and playing instruments started at an early age. She first learned to play the piano and then branched out to the trikitixa, saxophone and alboka. When she was eight years old, she joined the Basque accordion group Txantxangorriak and learned to play the trikitixa. She played the trikitixa for the Azkarrak dance group in Boise'ko Gazteak for four years, and in 2010, she became a musician for the Oinkari Basque dancers.

Florence Camino

Florence Camino in her living room on the accordion.
Florence Camino was born on March 14, 1924 to Marie and Peter Urrizaga in Buffalo, WY where her parents owned sheep.

Noeline Mocho

Noeline was born in Artesia, Los Angeles County, California in 1931. Her parents were both from Behe-Nafarroa, her father from Ainhize-Monjolose and her mother from Lasa. As with many Basque immigrants, they met each other in the new country. The father came in 1921. Noeline’s mother was working in a boarding house in L.A. as a maid.

Mike Bidart

Iñaki Dieguez (left) Mike Bidart (right) in a improvised concert. Photo Euskalkultura.

Laurent Arretche

Laurent Arretche was born in Arnegi, Behe Nafarroa, and came to Wyoming when he was young to work as a sheepherder. Later, after working in Elko, Nevada, he settled in Chino, California, and joined the Basque community there as the accompanist for their first Basque dance troupe in 1932. Later this group would become the Gauden Bat Basque dance group of Chino and Laurent would be the accordion player for the group along with Noeline Mocho.

Joseph “Joe" R. Arralde

Joe was born in 1934 in Yakima, Washington, the son of Jose A. and Maria Elena (Elizalde) Arralde.  At a young age Joe took piano lessons and by the time he was 12, his mother took him to take accordion lessons from Yakima’s premier instructor, Al Maletta. Under Mr. Maletta’s tutelage, Joe’s skills increased and in his teens he became an instructor for the Maletta-Deccio Accordion Studio.  He went on to teach accordion for nearly twenty years at the studio.

John Urlezaga

John Cruz Urlezaga was born in Jordan Valley Oregon, on June 25, 1909, to Juan Urlezaga and Gloria Bermeosolo Urlezaga.  John grew up with music in his home in Jordan Valley and at their 1000-acre ranch 6 miles out of town. John always played by ear and entertained many people at Basque dances and gatherings in Jordan Valley, Boise and Grandview, Idaho. John played the accordion, piano and organ all by ear and also played for many family gatherings.  He attended high school for 2 years. 

Maria (Arruabarrena) Bilbao, Juanita (Auzqui) Bilbao & Joe Bilbao

c. 1928 - Juanita Bilbao & Joe Bilbao in Salt Lake City - Mary Auzqui Collection.

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