Jean Louis Curutchet

1997 - Jean Louis Curutchet on Accordion.

Isabelle (Ocafrain) Bushman

Isabelle was born in Burlingame in 1974, to parents Jean Leon Ocafrain from Banka and Mayte Dagorret from Ortzaize who immigrated to California. Both of them were very active in the Basque community of the Bay Area where Isabelle grew up. Isabelle served as a director and ultimately the first female and third Basque-American president of the Basque Cultural Center of San Francisco. She was also the youngest. She served on the Basque Club board for years and has also been a NABO delegate.

Jimmy Jausoro

Jim was the primary Basque musician in Idaho and an important musician for Basque social gatherings in Nevada and Oregon.  He contributed to the preservation and enhancement of Basque music and dance for over 50 years with the self-less sharing of his time and talent.  

David Romtvedt

2011 - David Romtvetd playing accordion on NABO convention.

Dolores Barroetabena Holbrook

1940s - Dolores Barroetabena playing accordion.

Dolores played during the war years with Angela Bicandi and Jimmy Jausoro and later on at the Basque Center of Boise after it was established in 1949. In the following years, she married, moved away from Boise and focused on raising her five children. She often played at the Delamar Boarding house, run by the Arguinchonas at 807 Grove Street.

Inocencio Catalino

1949 - Sheepherders Ball in Boise Idaho, Inocencio Catalino “Arrieta” playing accordion with Jose Ansotegui.

Florencio Uriaguereca Goenaga

1911- The Uriaguerca family arrives at Bliss, Idaho. Florencio holds a button accordion.

Florencio Uriaguereca was born May 11, 1871 in Mungia-Larrauri. He was married in 1898 at Sestao to Antonia Aguirre Yzaguirre who was born in 1875 in Ibarrangelu, Bizkaia. By 1908 Florencio traveled to the United States, entering through the port of New York.  By 1911 he was living on a ranch in Bliss, Idaho, and Antonia arrived later the same year to live with him.

Arego family

1933 - Vic (Victor) Arego on guitar and Marie Arego on accordion - Basque Picnic , Mode Country Club, Boise ID. 

Benito Arego and Eulogia Arginchona, the family parents, arrived to Boise around the years 1905-1906 coming from Elantxobe, Bizkaia. They opened and run several Boarding Houses in Boise during the golden years of the Basque immigration to Idaho. In one of those Arego boarding houses, Victor  Arego grew up among many siblings.

Jean Fletcher & his band

1984 - San Francisco, the Triskalari Musicians, Pilar Sangroniz and Jean Flesher playing in the Basque Festival.

Mercedes Mendive

Mercedes Mendive was born in Elko, Nevada, in 1970, to Joe and Veronica Mendive. She also lived in Reno and 11 years in Miami, Florida.

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