Brass Band

Kern County Klika

1975 – The original Klika members of the Kern County Klika.

Southern California Klika

1967 - The first formation of the southern California Klika. From left to right: August Garat, Pierre Larrabure, Pele Berterretche, Pierre Paris, Pete Chilibolost, Laurent Telleria, Laurent Arretche, JL Indart, Xabier Aphessetche, Peyo Aphessetche, Pierre Arla and Michel Plaa.

The southern California Klika is based in Chino, San Bernardino County, California. It is one of four Klikas formed in California by Basque immigrants from Iparralde.

San Francisco Klika

1981 - San Francisco Klika.

“The oldest klika or Basque drum and bugle corps in the country was established and organized by Federic Fuldain1 in San Francisco in the spring of 1964 as part of the Basque Club. The San Francisco klika is the only one in the U.S. that incorporates the corde chasse, or French horn.

Basque American Klika Bands

Klika in America poster, 2008.

The klikas are something really unique to the Basque American community. Klika is a drum and bugle corps with a clear Basque-French tradition.

The Vasconians

Back Row-Standing: Rosie Asumendi & Bene Aldecoa. Seated, Left to Right: Joe Yriondo, Richard Ondarza, Alfonse Aldecoa, John Asumendi, Fidel Uranga, John Luque, Joe P. Uberuaga, John Lejardi, Ramon Ysursa & Manuel Aldecoa. Kneeling, Left to Right: Carmen Aldecoa, Abarrate Sisters –Bennie, Mary Louisa or Angela, Ruby Ysursa Basabe.

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