Piano Accordion

Jake Murgoitio

Jake Murgoitio.

Jim (Jimmy) Jausoro passed down his passion for music to a young musician, Jake Murgoitio, of Boise, ID.  Prior to learning piano accordion, Jake danced with the Herribatza Dantzariak (Homedale, ID) for approximately nine years under the direction of Gloria Garatea Lejardi.

Joseba Etxarri

2014 Bakersfield, Accordion Festival - Euskal kazeta photo

Patrick Barinaga Williams

Patrick began playing his uncle’s accordion in the fourth grade as a summer break from piano lessons.  He enjoyed it and at the beginning of his eighth grade year, at the age of thirteen, he began taking lesion from Jimmy Jausoro.  He met regularly with Jimmy during 1996 and 1997 and then he continued to play for Boiseko Gasteak, the young Basque dance group in Boise, Idaho, until he went to the Air Force Academy after graduating from high school in 1999 and then began his career as a pilot.

Josi Barinaga Williams

Josi Barinaga  Williams playing in the Basque Museum for Boiseko Gasteak

Jean Cinquambre

Jean Cinquambre was born on October 19, 1921 in Erratzu, Spain, to Antonio and Maria (Mindegea) Cinquambre. He went to school in Spain and moved to France in 1940 where he farmed. He joined the French Army and served from 1947 until 1949. In April of 1960, at the age of 39, he moved to the U.S. and went to work in Kaycee, Wyoming on the Blue Creek Ranch. He worked on various ranches in Wyoming throughout his life.

John Ochandorena

John Ochandorena played solo on the piano accordion and also played duets with his sister, Maria Angeles “Angie” in the Chino, California area during the 1980s and 1990s.  John could also play keyboards. John and Angie also played for the Mendiko Haurrak Orchestra. 

Following is a recording of John playing at the NABO Accordion Festival at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center in 1994.

Miren Lete

2005, July - Miren Lete playing accordion.

Henry Arguinchona

June 3, 1955, Boise - Mrs. Reinold Klyn, HenryArguinchona (accordion) Julia Luque and Larry Arguinchona (ready to dance) were among the entretainers at the international pary given Wednesday.

Florence Camino

Florence Camino in her living room on the accordion.
Florence Camino was born on March 14, 1924 to Marie and Peter Urrizaga in Buffalo, WY where her parents owned sheep.
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