Piano Accordion

Bernardo Yanci

Bernardo Yanci was born in 1926 in Lesaka, Navarre, on the Spanish side of the Basque Country. He was an accomplished accordion player and also was a regular performer at Basque celebrations throughout the Great Basin. He was one of the most notable Basque-American musicians who played a key part of in the preservation of Basque music in the States.

Josephine "Jo" Murelaga Dickinson

Josephine Murelaga, in the center, playing a Galleazi and Sons 1920's accordion.

Vicente Lizaso "Chispero"

Vicente "Chispero" Lizaso was born on July 17, 1890, in Lekeitio, Bizkaia. He came to the United States and settled in Jordan Valley in 1908 where he worked in the sheep business until moving to Boise in 1911. Chispero played both button and piano accordion and could often be found playing at the Madarieta boarding house. He was one of the earliest musicians in the history of Boise Basque music and also played in Jordan Valley and Mountain Home in the early days for dances.  Chispero continued to play for family gatherings until 1956.

Valen Letemendi Echevarria

1955 -Valen Letemendi - JUHC - Book 29 -00334

Angela Bicandi Larrinaga

1949- Angela Bicandi Larrinaga, playing for youngsters, during the Song of the Basque weekend. JUHC - Bk 42 -00176.

Angela was born on Feb. 12, 1931, in Boise, Idaho. She had a deep and long-lasting love of music. During her studies at St. Teresa’s Academy in Boise, Angela learned to play the accordion. For many years she played at various dances, Basque social events and for a short time, with the Oinkari Basque Dancers. 

Angeles Aldape Murelaga

Angeles (Aldape) Murelaga at Jaialdi 1995.

Pedro Juan Etchamendy

Pedro Juan Etchamendy playing accordion.

David Lachiondo

David Lachiondo Accordian

2016 - Dave Lachiondo playing in the Basque Museum first thursdays.

David Lachiondo is the son of Julian Lachiondo, an important figure in the Boise Basque community and a passionate advocate of Basque music. Julian owned one of biggest collections of Basque records in Boise and he was the first host of the Voice of the Basque Program. 

Johnny Arregui

Jim Jausoro Orchestra.  March 30, 1974 Johnny Arregui - JUHC

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