Arego family

1933 - Vic (Victor) Arego on guitar and Marie Arego on accordion - Basque Picnic , Mode Country Club, Boise ID. 

Benito Arego and Eulogia Arginchona, the family parents, arrived to Boise around the years 1905-1906 coming from Elantxobe, Bizkaia. They opened and run several Boarding Houses in Boise during the golden years of the Basque immigration to Idaho. In one of those Arego boarding houses, Victor  Arego grew up among many siblings.

Jose Villanueva de Amezketa

1940's - Jose Villanueva, playing txistu with Ambrosio Apariasi.

Dick Lenhardt

Dick Lenhardt Trumpet

Jim Jausoro Orchestra.  March 30, 1974, Dick Lehnhart - JUHC

Dick Lenhardt. Dick was playing trumpet in the burlesque houses of St. Louis at the age of 15 and found his way to Boise in 1944. When it came time for Jim’s band to add the trumpet, Johnny Arregui mentioned Dick’s name, and in 1957, Dick was adopted into the Basque community, playing the trumpet and later trombone for the Jim Jausoro Orchestra.

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