Saddle Parade Sheepherding


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7: Distribution & Transportation Artifact
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Land Transportation -- Accessory
Dorothy Aldecoa Basil Aldecoa
probably used by Aldecoa's during last few years of their sheep wagons in the 1950's; saddle was originally constructed in the 1950's or 1940's
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Record Date: 
Winter 199
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Basil and Dorothy Aldecoa
Saddle Parade Sheepherding
Western style parade saddle that has been heavily worn and the model looks to be from the late 1940's or early 1950's; the saddle has multiple metal silver studs adorned on the front, sides, and stirrups of the saddle to give it a fancier look for a parade; the top of the saddle where the horn protrudes has wear enough that the metal on the front inside the horn is seen; the sides of the square sides of par that the horn is on has cracked side; the top of saddle has large amounts of wear to that the sides are slightly split open near the start of the stirrups; the rest of the saddle has lots o
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