One Hundred Percent Triki

100 % Triki was born from three individuals and their love for Basque music and maintaining their culture in a traditional way.  100 % Triki was a little surprised when The Boise Weekly named them the region’s best new Basque band of 2003; but this group of youngsters and their neo folk sound had been building a buzz in the Idaho scene since they began.

The band started in 2003 when accordion player or tikitrilari Andre Madalen met Gari Koitz a tambourine or pandero jole who had already been performing with many other trikitilaris for years.  Fueled by a mutual interest in Basque folk music the two formed a duo that delighted crowds.  It became clear right away that there was something missing. It was at that point that they found Koldo Bika, a txistulari from Amorebieta, Euskal Herria (Basque Country) and inducted him into their band. Their sound was complete, says Andre, “We just clicked, and we knew the time was right to go to the United States.”

After making the trek to the Untied States and the release of their first album “Triki Sandwich” they struggled to appeal to the American public.  It was at this point the band was soon joined by Joel Baker, an American born grass farmer who played guitar. Joel brought the American sound that the band felt they needed to appeal to the American public.

TRIKI Sandwich, the first studio album of 100% TRIKI in United States.

Releasing three more albums; Iron TRIKI,  Blood Sugar Sex TRIKI, and TRIKI As They Wanna Be, the band struggled with inner turmoil and lack of public success in the United States, and disbanded for a time.  With triki in their hearts and American music on their minds, the group united for one last live performance at the Boise Basque Center in 2003.

IRON TRIKI, Cum on Feel the Triki - the Heavy Metal album of the band.

Blood, Sugar, Sex, TRIKI - The punk rock album of the band.

As TRIKI As they wanna be! - The rap album of the Band.

As TRIKI As they wanna be! - The videoclip of the album.

2003 - The Behind the Music documentary about 100% Triki

Pandero Bear the solo album by Gari Koitz.

100% TRIKI is a fundraising fiction video created by Sean Aucutt, Xanti Alcelay, John Krakau, John Aldape, Jude Gary, and Ryan Schaffnner in 2003 to help fund the Oinkari Basque Dancers travel and perform in EUSKADI.

Source: text by Sean Aucutt and pictures from the documentary directed by Xanti Alcelay (2003).