Catalog Date: 
8: Communication Artifact
Most of 1987.1 was deaccessioned. No file existed for this painting so it was entered into past perfect.
Object Name: 
Griffith, Cathy Jacobs, Cyrus Uberuaga
Painting of CJUH boarding house
Record As: 
Found in Collection
Record From: 
Found in House at 607 Grove Street
Boarding Houses Grove Street
Painting of the side of CJUH; CJUH's porch and dining room window side view; yellow grass; leafless trees in foreground; blue sky; red inscription with artist's name in lower right corner "Cathy Griffiths"; 607 1/2 Grove St. is visible to the right; both buildings are red brick with brown roofs and brick chimneys; CJUH appears to have glass windows and a white window covering on the top left window, 607 1/2 Grove St. has 2 dark windows and a dark doorway; painted on canvas Frame is dark brown wood; a tan canvas inlay; inside around picture bordered with a strip of wood painted gold; dark brown wood portion is detailed with 2 grooves; outside of frame detailed with 2 thin grooves close together Painting is attached to the frame by small metal clamps on the back; only 6 clamps still attached - 3 on the right side 2 on the bottom and 1 on the left; painting is not completely attached to the frame; separate from the frame on the top left side when looking from the front