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2: Building Furnishings
Victoria Lertxundi Jones Collection
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Vase, Flower
Onati, Spain
Victoria Lertxundi Jones
Household Accessory
Jones, Victoria Lertxundi Glenn, Marcia G. Jones, Mrs. James Otte
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Victoria Lertxundi Jones (Mrs. James Otte Jones)
Onati University of Onati Ceramics
White ceramic vase decorated with gold leaf and black paint. The vase is longer than it is wide and has an ovular shape. The top edges of the vase dip down into semi-circles approximately 1.5" deep. These features comprise "drapery" at the vase opening. Three layers are lined in gold paint. On one side of the vase, the "Universidad de Onati" is pictured in gold and black. On the other side is a crest with a raven and a deer, topped by a crown, also in gold and black. 1" up from the base of the vase is a 0.5" wide gold strip of vines and flowers that circles the vase. On the side of the vase with the university is a 1.125" x 0.125" gold sticker with "ORO DE LEY" (gold leaf) in black block letters. This sticker affixes a 3.25" piece of yellow string that holds 1.75" x 2.25" card. The card reads "Firma de Plata. Certifica: que esta pieza ha sido grabada al acido." On the opposite side of the card is the same crest that appears on the bottom of the vase. Two cherubs hold a crown above a circle surrounded by decorative flowers and vines. In side the circle "Firma de Plata. Oro. Plata. Platino. LUGONES. Oviedo" is printed. When donated in 1987, a card was folded inside the vase. The cream-colored 5.75" note printed on heavy cardstock says "Onate vase given by Victoria Lertxundi Jones - (Mrs. James Otte Jones)." At the top of the card, in red, is printed "Marcia G. Glann / 1010 Warm Springs Ave., Boise, ID 83712"