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2: Building Furnishings
clothing storage
Cyrus and Mary Ellen Jacobs Collection
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Cyrus Jacobs
Jacobs, Cyrus Coscorrosa, Petra Belanstegni Coscorrant, Debbie Milholland, Don
This hall tree belonged the Jacobs'. Petra Coscorrosa bought it from Hermenegilda for $5. Before she died, she asked that Debbie Coscorrosa give it back. Petra said "Senator Borah hung his hat on this the day he got married."
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Petra Belanstegni Coscorrosa
Coats clothing and dress clothes hangers furniture seating
This piece of furniture is a coat-tree made from red or white oak. It has two L-shaped arms and four plain, flat legs. The specific type of oak is difficult to determine because the wood has a finish on it. An unfinished piece of pine backs the mirror. Supposedly, this coat-tree is original to the Cyrus Jacobs house. The original paint is still visible in the grain of the wood and underneath the seat. Jak's Stripping & Refinishing Center in Garden City, Idaho, refinished the coat-tree in August of 1996. Jak's also replaced some of the screws, filled in old holes/gouges/cracks with wood filler, and replaced the threaded studs attaching the coat hooks to the wood. The back of the coat-tree has a beveled leaded mirror flanked by two cast iron coat hooks that were once plated to look like brass. There are two areas decorated with wood applique, one area at the top of the back of the chair and one area just below the seat. Both sets of wood applique are Art Nouveau inspired. This coat-tree does not appear to be a very elaborate or ornate piece. At the time it was purchased it may have been inexpensive. All of the feet are plain, a more expensive piece would have had some kind of carving. In areas where wood dowels could have been used, nails were used; such as the tops of the arms, which were nailed on through the top. In a more expensive piece, the creation of nail holes in obvious places would have been avoided. The seat has a hinged lid which covers a storage compartment. The boards making up the seat lid are attached by means of tongue and groove joints. The compartment assembly also uses tongue and groove joints.