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9: Recreational Artifacts
Art, Basque
Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea Collection
This object was accessioned improperly when received, so the number was changed from 89.6.3 (or 3YI) to 1989.004.003.
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Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea
Bilbao, Amua Hormaechea, Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga
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Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea
doll making cloth dolls human figure in art handicraft
Fabric female doll standing on painted brown wooden (balsa wood?) disc. She is holding an off-white cloth bag, stuffed with fiber fill. Her hands are both in front of her body at waist level, clutching the bag. A black umbrella with a silver tip is held diagonally against her body behind the bag. She is wearing an off-white head scarf, an off-white shawl with blue polka-dots, and a long black apron with two pockets. A collared, long-sleeved blouse with matching mid-calf length black skirt with white polka-dots makes up the rest of the outfit. The undergarments consist of a plain off-white petticoat, off-white pantaloons, and off-white knit socks. All of these materials appear to be cotton. Her shoes are leather abarkak with black laces. The hair is made from brown embroidery floss and one line of flesh colored floss to indicate a part in the hair. Her head is made from canvas, like her hands, and hand painted. She has an old blue eyes, a smiling mouth, and earrings but no ears. The head is shaped in such a way to include distinct facial features such as the nose and chin. The doll is stuffed with an unknown material and nailed to the wooden disc. The doll is leaning forward on the disc. The bottom of the disc has the artist's name, Amua Bilbao, written on it three times (once in black, once in red, and just "Amua" once in white.) "Hormaechea" is written on the bottom of the disc three times in black ink from a ballpoint pen.