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9: Recreational Artifacts
Art, Basque
Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea Collection
This object was accessioned improperly when received, so the number was changed from 89.6.4 (or 3YI) to 1989.004.004.
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Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea
Bilbao, Amua Hormaechea, Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga
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Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea
doll making cloth dolls human figure in art handicraft alcohol, physiological effect
Male fabric doll standing on a painted brown wooden (balsa wood?) disc. The doll's accessories include a bota bag made from painted canvas, wood, and string, and a black umbrella that he is dragging upside down in his left hand. He is wearing a black txapela (hat), a long-sleeved, collared cotton coat, an off-white collared cotton shirt, blue and white striped cotton pants, and a black gerriko (sash) around his waist. The sash is tied on in a very messy manner, with the majority of the sash falling down around his hips with the end dragging on the ground. The doll also wears brown leather abarkak (leather shoes) with black laces. He has blue eyes and black painted hair. The expression on his face appears to be irritation or general gruffness. The face is shaped in such a way to include distinct facial features (parts that come out from the head) such as the nose, chin, and ears. The painted expression makes this figure look intoxicated. His body is leaning to the left, and his head is craned to the right. The state of his accessories indicate drunkenness as well (bota bag, upside down umbrella, untidy sash). The ears are painted paper cut-outs. The doll is stuffed with an unknown material, the body parts are all firm. The artist's name is signed twice on the bottom of the wooden disc. "Amua" once in white ink and "Amua Bilbao" once in black ink. "Hormaechea" is also written in black ball point pen on the bottom of the disc.