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9: Recreational Artifacts
Art, Basque
Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea Collection
This object was accessioned improperly when received, so the number was changed from 89.6.7 (or 3YI) to 1989.004.006.
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Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea
Bilbao, Amua Hormaechea, Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga
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Juanita "Jay" Uberuaga Hormaechea
doll making cloth dolls human figure in art handicraft smoking
Male doll made from canvas and stuffed with an unknown material. He is wearing a black cotton txapela (hat), and has a length of black cotton fabric draped over his left shoulder. His blue and white striped shirt is long sleeved and has a collar. He has a black cotton gerriko (sash) around his waist. His pants are charcoal gray and mottled with white (also cotton). The edge of a white handkerchief is visible in his right pants pocket. He is wearing abarkak (leather shoes) with black laces and off-white cotton socks. Both of his hands are in front of him just above waist level, stacked on top of a walking stick. A hand-rolled cigarette (made from paper and paint) is sticking out of the right side of his mouth. The doll's hair is gray with white streaks, painted onto his head. The doll has many painted wrinkles on his face and neck. The face is shaped in such a way to include distinct facial features (parts that come out from the head) such as the nose, chin, and ears. He has a pleasant expression. The eyes are painted gray and the ears are cut from paper, painted, and attached to the sides of the head. He is sitting on a dark brown stained wooden (balsa wood?) bench held together with glue and finish nails. "Amua" is written in black ink on the bottom of the doll's left shoe. "Hormaechea" is written twice on the underside of the bench, once in black ink and once in blue ink, both times in ballpoint pen.