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8: Communication Artifact
c. 1989
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Finn, Mary Winkle, WIlliam and Dolores Cyrus Jacobs Mary Jacobs William Borah Mamie McConnel Uberuaga
Painting of the Jacobs/Uberuaga house
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Winkle, WIlliam and Dolores
Uberuaga house Jacobs house Basque boarding house winter
The piece has one main raised painting and 3 insets; Main painting is of the Jacobs/Uberuaga house in the winter; snowing; snow on ground and roof; man dressed in black and woman in blue heading up the front walk way; man and woman appear to be dressed in mind to late 1800s apparel; 607 1/2 Grove St is visible in the back; white horse pulling a sled in the front of the house outside the picket fence; horse has red blanket and a black harness; the sled is black with a blue and green fringed blanket in it; a tree is on the right hand side; the windows in the house are lighted and very colorful; "M Finn (c) '89" is painted in black in the lower right corner; not covered in glass The lower insets from left to right all covered in glass: 1. cream paper with black flowing ink "This painting was donated to the Basque Museum and Cultural Center by William & Dolores WInkle October 13, 1989" 2. Small print of the above painting 3. Cream paper with black writing with short description of the Jacob's house "Jacob's best to Basque" and a brief biography of Mary Finn with a small sketch of St. Luke's Regional Medical Center The frame is a plain light wood; the raised painting and insets are surrounded by a cream cloth