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8: Communication Artifact
The lithograph comes with a Certificate of Title & Originality. The lithograph is a limited addition, number 142 out of 150 originals made. The certificate gives a brief biography of the artist and is signed by Quinten Gregory with the name and number hand written in.
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Quinten Gregory William S Campbell
Painting of Basque sheep herder
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William S Campbell Family
Sheep herder Sheep Wagon Teton
Lithograph is an outdoor scene of a possibly Basque sheep herder with a flock of sheep; white mountains are in the background against a golden tan sky; two hilly mounds; pine tees on left hill; large tree covering entire left side; under the hills is a light blue lake; bottom of picture is taken up by grazing sheep; the herder sits on a brown horse; he wears blue jeans, brown long sleeve collard shirt, white cowboy hat; to his right is a white covered wagon; wagon has a man's figure inside of it; next to the wagon is another brown horse and some white laundry hung to dry; lithograph is covered in glass; 11.5cmW x 6.3cmL brown metal plaque attached to glass in center bottom "PRESENTED TO BASQUE MUSEUM AND CULTURAL CENTER BY THE WILLIAM S CAMPBELL FAMILY JANUARY 1990 CELEBRATING IDAHO'S CENTENNIAL"; lithograph surrounded by 7.1 cm of light beige matting; back has a cream envelope attached with the "Certificate of Originality" enclosed Frame is light wood; no grooves or indentations; no damage