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8: Communication Artifact
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Beads, Rosary
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From Joe Uberuaga, might be from the Uberuaga Boarding House or from a boarder; used in Religion Display Case
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Joe Uberuaga
Catholic Church Church Rosary Hail Mary Holy Mary Religion Christianity Beads
Rosary with beads that may be plastic or some organic material and a plastic oval sign attached by a safety pin; Rosary is 54 beads with sets of ten, then one bead by itself, then ten again, until it goes around the whole circle; the beads are connected by a small metal chain link necklace; at the bottom, a chain juts out front he necklace to have five more beads with one being close to the necklace, then three bunched together then the last one; the last one is near the final part of the rosary which is a thick metal cross; the cross is silver with a black inlay on the front with silver siding and an outstretched bronze mold of Christ in crusifixtion fixed on top of the black; over his head is a small scroll with illegible print and a small nail going through it; the sign is the same color as Christ; on the back of the cross is etched the word "Roma" and the cross is able to swing open on a hinge that's on he top of the cross to open a small stow away inside the cross; connecting the string which the cross is on and the rest of the necklace is a small thin metal mold of the face of Christ with he reverse being an image of Mary, both with halos over them; on one side of the necklace is an oval piece of plastic attached by a safety pin that goes through the oval but around the necklace; the oval is plastic with ridged edges sealing it; the inside is what looks to be very thin cotton, with the back side being red and the front white with red edges; the middle of the front of the oval shows a beating heart with 6 drops of blood coming off one side, a gold chain surrounding it and a grey-green cross coming up from the top of the heart through a pedestal with what looks like red fire surrounding it; the heart and cross are surrounded by thin gold beams all around like the heart and cross are holy or illuminated;surrounding the gold beams but before the red outside is the spanish words in black lettering "De Teente El CorazonDe Jesus Esta Cinmigo" over the cross and "Venga A Nos El Tu Reino" below the heart; the beads are light brown and look to be of either plastic or a very hard seed and look very much like thick apple seeds