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9: Recreational Artifacts
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Given by Basque Government; may have been hand made by a Basque in the Basque Country
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Eusko Jaurlaritza (Basque Government)
Female Marionette in Traditional Basque Clothing with a fruit basket; head is white with red lips and black eyes and a small tuft of hair underneath a red bonnet with multicolored flowers on it; blouse is white and is loose cloth over white fabric arms; hands are of the same material that the face is with a string attached to both; on the right arm is a brown basket with black stripes and paper mache balls glued in that may supposed to be fruit; skirt is black with white polka dots and an apron of the same type of material used in the bonnet with a black edge; the legs are white with black wooden shoes that are attached to wooden stilts that also grip the legs above with two black cloth straps on each leg; on the bottom of the right foot is the initials "J.I.M." that may be from the artist as this looks to be hand made; there are five strings coming down from a double "T"with two coming from the ends of each crossed part and pushed firmly into place by metal tacks and a fifth string tied to the middle wooden bar in between the two crossed bars; one string goes into the back of the head and one goes into each of the hands and legs; found in CS1.CAB1.SHF1 by Jeff Washburn in 7/7/2009