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9: Recreational Artifacts
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Given by Basque Government and probably was handmade in Basque Country
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Eusko Jaurlaritza (Basque Government)
Male Marionette in Basque clothing; Marionette is wearing black beret with black hair and is of pale complexion much like the marionette in 1990.005.001 with the same hands; male is wearing long sleeved plaid shirt with which is blue with white and pink lines and white cuffs; over the top of the shirt that is worn like a vest is a very long, very big tuft of what looks to be white sheep wool that is very thick throughout; thrown over the right shoulder is a brown rope that holds a gourd that is near the left side of the man's back along with a black plaid bag; man is wearing pin striped dark blue pants with white pinstripes; shoes are black and wooden and the left one has the initials "J.I.M" on it and the shin down to the shoe is covered in sheep wool on both legs; tied to the wool by two black straps is stilts on each leg along with the shoes resting on a ledge on the stilts; in the man's right hand, he holds a long staff of the same wood as the stilts; there are five strings coming down from a double "T"with two coming from the ends of each crossed part and pushed firmly into place by metal tacks and a fifth string tied to the middle wooden bar in between the two crossed bars; one string goes into he back of the head and one goes into each of the hands and legs; found in CS1.CAB1.SHF1 by Jeff Washburn in 7/7/2009