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2: Building Furnishings
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Temperature Control Device
from the Basque Government; could be used in a home hearth exhibit
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Eusko Jaurlaritza (Basque Government)
bellows fireplace fire tools
Wooden and leather Bellows used to fan flames in fire with metal tip; wood is dark and seems to be stained and is used for both sides of the bellows and look like paddles that are almost in the shape of a spade with the handles of the bellows being the handles of the paddles; a circular hole is in the middle of the bottom bellows but is covered by leather on the inside; a leather "sack" is in between the paddles and is held together by being nailed to the paddles; the nails go through an extra lining of a thin leather strip then the leather sack then the wood paddles; the leather is a tan color and also has a loop nailed to the inside of the paddle of the top bellow in order to loop both of the handles and hold them together when the bellows is not in use; leather also goes over the top of the front of the top paddle near the mouth of the bellows and is held there by nails on the side and four nails on top in the shape of a diamond; the metal tip is long and painted black and has a conical look to it with the tip being fairly thin; found in CS1.Row3.SEC2.SHF4 by Jeff Washburn on 6/24/2009