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6: T&E For Communication
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Sound Communication T&E
Given by Basque Government and is from Basque Country
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Eusko Jaurlaritza (Basque Government)
Medium sized bell with a bronze shine and a loop on top so that it can hang; bell is bronze and is very shiny but has dimmed with neglect and has discoloration around edges and inside and on top where there are crevices; the top is a loop/hole that is extremely thick so it will not break; small thin lines on the bottom of the hook and one at the top of the bell, two at the middle and two at the lip of the bell are indented into the metal; inside is worn and some parts have a greyish tint, probably from being banged on so frequently; on one side about halfway up is a small smear of white-ish green that is unknown in character; the top of the inside is a hook that is attached through the middle to the loop on the outside; wear on the outside is evident and there is some discoloration; one side just above the middle lines is 4 small splotches of discoloration that look to be from tags or stickers with adherence on the back of them; found in CS1.Cab2 by Jeff Washburn on 7/10/2009