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9: Recreational Artifacts
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Paddle, Pelota
Sports Equipment
donated by the Basque Government and could be used to showcase the different types of Pelota
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Eusko Jaurlaritza (Basque Government)
Paleta Cuero Pelota paddle bat
Wooden Pelota paddle used for the Paleta Cuero game of Pelota; thick wooden paddle with is slightly thicker at the head of the paddle; handle is straight with a lip toward one end that extends; on the bottom of the handle is "P.Cuero" printed in purple lettering; on the middle of the paddle on one side is a black circular stamp directly on the wood that has crossed pelota paddles and a pelota ball hanging above them; surrounding the paddles is a double circle with the words "Arambillet Mar. Reg." inside with "Arambillet" on the top part of the circle and the other two words on the bottom; top and bottom of the word circle are separated by a black dot on each side; the opposite side of the paddle holds a rectangular stamp but it has been worn down and is illegible but it was made from brown ink; the side of the paddle seems to be speared by 5 wooden stakes; found in CS1.Row3.SEC2.SHF4 by Jeff Washburn on 6/24/2009