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1: Structures
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Building Component
given by Basque Government, no idea what it is for or from
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Eusko Jaurlaritza (Basque Government)
Large Wooden pillar made of one piece of dark stained wood that has the look of a large screw with a square head; the bottom is round and has a small part on the front partially worn down; the pillar then is a cylinder but with a large spiral to it which looks like the spiral of a screw and has multiple cracks running vertically on the front, two of them large and on the back is chewed up or worn down; the top is a large rectangular head that has a very large hole in the front that goes to the back; a metal bar is wrapped around below the hole and two are wrapped around above it with a large metal spike on the top that is bolted into the wood with four bolts around a very rusty square piece of metal; all metal is very rusty and head shows major signs of wear just like any of the other parts of the pillar; found in CS1.Row1.SEC2.SHF6 by Jeff Washburn on 7/21/2009