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4: T&E For Materials
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Food Service T&E
may have been used in he Basque Country for camping and open flame cooking
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Eusko Jaurlaritza (Basque Government)
Txapa Open Flame cooking
Iron Cast paddle used for cooking over an open flame; paddle is three pieces of metal bolted together , with one being a small flat metal bar, a long flat metal bar and a flat circular piece that is very large; the short bar and long bar are both bolted into the middle of the circle with the short piece not extending past the circle and the long piece acting as a handle for the circle which is meant to be put over and open flame and to cook food; the end of the long bar, the handle, is a small hole from which to hang the paddle; the opposite end has the small bar which has a large circular chunk from the circle piece missing just below it; the entire object is covered with rust, unsanitary to eat off of now, and is warped, especially the circle; found in CS1.Row1.SEC1.SHF2 by Jeff Washburn on 7/23/2009