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6: T&E For Communication
Music Social & Personal Activity
Bideganeta Collection
late 1800s-early 1900s
Object is player piano currently at 607 Grove. That player piano was formerly at the boardinghouse in Mountain Home that was operated by the Bideganeta family. It was later moved to the Alibi Club also operated by the Bideganetas. The original object # was 1992.2. "Agapito and Nicanora Bideganeta's piano from their boardinghouse and bar in Mountain Home, Idaho. circa 1860" - historical note from original accession record
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Piano, Player
Chicago, Illinois
Musical T&E
Bideganeta-Uriona, Kim
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Kim Bideganeta-Uriona
player piano music
One player piano. Object is constructed primarily of wood, with various metals used on the interior and select exterior parts (pedals). There are four glass features on the front of the piano above the keyboard. The outermost features are shaped to look like lanterns and each have three panels of opalescent glass. The features toward the center of the piano are both in the shape of a half-circle, with the glass built out to a ridge in the lower third of the half-circle. The structure is made up of opalescent glass in small rectangles. On each of these two half-circle features, two fluted columns (each essentially designed to look like a doric column with a base) are "holding up" the glass arches. Above the wood and ivory keys is a logo that reads "Coinola Chicago". On the inside of the upper half of the piano is a metal plate that reads "The Operators Piano Co. Chicago" and what is presumed to be a serial number that reads 280785." Handwritten to the left of this is "Miller Nov-1945". This is possibly an indication of when the piano was tuned and by whom. The object is extremely dirty. Even higher levels of dust are on the interior than the exterior. The object appears to have been partially disassembled at some point with some parts left in the lower section of the piano. There are sections where the veneer is starting to separate or has already broken off. There are vertical posts on the front with cap moulding that appears to have been broken or separated at some point. There is an extensive amount of surface wear that is mostly evident because of scratches and scuffs. On the left side of the top of the front half is a metal plate with a switch that reads "Piano Soft Off-On". On the right side is a metal piece for depositing coins with a button. It reads "1-20 Nickels Push". In the bottom section are various instruments. Some are loose and others are attached. There is a bass drum that has a label that reads "Wilson Bros. Manufacturing Co." The drum's paper skin has been torn. It had at one point two mallets that struck it but one has been broken off. It was to the right of the drum. There is also rubber tubing that appears to have been disconnected.