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8: Communication Artifact
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Andrus, Govorner Cecil D. Andrus, Carol
Sketch of inn with inscription from Governor Cecil D. Andrus referring to his visit to Euskadi.
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Andrus, Governor Cecil D.
Euskadi Idaho Basque Community inn
Black and white drawing of several buildings close together; from the perspective of looking down a lane; left and right building are 2 stories; middle building is 3 stories; buildings are wood; made up of many little pieces of wood, almost looks like brick; glass paned windows; bottom windows have square pains; top windows have diamond pains; middle building has an overhang; because it is from the perspective of looking down a lane the buildings take up entire left side of the picture and there is empty space on the top, bottom, and side of the right side; buildings are detailed; surrounding space is indistinct gray Surrounded by cream matting; the picture is not in the vertical center of the matting, 2/3 of matting underneath picture; around cream matting is brown/gray matting surrounded by a silver strip; the layer closest to the edge of the frame is gray with black speckles; under the picture on the left side "93/100" is written in pencil; under the picture on the right side is an unreadable signature in pencil and "1991"; in the right corner on the cream matting is an inscription from Governor Cecil D. Andrus; the inscription is on an angle; inscription written in blue ink Frame is painted wood; all one piece with 3 sections; inside strip is black with raised circles; meddle section is smooth brown; outside section is black with half oval designs; back covered in brown paper; no writing on back; gold sticker from "Prints Plus" on bottom center