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8: Communication Artifact
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Ceremonial Artifact
brought back from Gernika; possibly given to Idaho Governor by Basque government
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Andrus, Governor Cecil D.
Gernika Flag
Purple flag of Gernika- Lumo with large white strip coming diagonally and with the coat of arms of Gernika in the middle;p flag is a reddish purple and has a very nice sheen to it as if it where brand new; the left side of the flag has seven loops that are to hold it and secure it to a flagpole; inside the top one is a corded soft purple rope of the same color that is sewn on in the middle of the cord; the cord on one side has been unraveled and has become two separate cords, both of which are starting to fray at the bottom tremendously; the whit stripe is wide and is sewn into the flag and is made of the same material; the Gernika-Lumo Coat of Arms is in the middle of the flag and it is a shield shape with the Tree of Gernika which has eleven different "Bushes" or part of leaves that are colored in clumps, with 2 being blue, 3 dark green and 6 light green with a brown trunk going into a ground that is also colored in those three colors; the parliament building is right behind the tree and is white with a brown interior and the entire shield has a white background; below the shield is a wound out gold ribbon with black lining that has the city "Gernika - Lumo" in white lettering; on the bottom right hand corner there is smudging that is little black spots that is on the white part of the flag; the brown of the parliament building is stained on the left side of the real parliament imprint based on wear and it being folded on itself some fraying has occurred on the edges where parts have been sewn on; Found in CS1.CAB1.SHF3 by Jeff Washburn on 7/14/2009