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8: Communication Artifact
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Arrue, Jose Ordanza, Richard Ordanza, Rita Mendiola, Jose
Print of the Basques
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Richard and Rita Ordanza
Basque country
Framed print of Basques possibly in the Basque Country; outside; center of village; foreground on left are two old women talking; one woman has back to viewer; woman facing away has two long gray braids; maroon skirt and shirt; gray apron; tan shoes that lace up calf; teal scarf around neck; white head covering; woman facing viewer is wearing blue skirt and shirt; blue apron; teal scarf; white head covering; center of painting are three men; all wearing berets; all have blue pants, white shirts, and red sashes around waist; men on left is lighting a cigarette and has a blue jacket slung over his shoulder; man in center is wearing a blue vest and has his hand on the man to his right; man on right is wearing a blue coat; on the far right are a boy and girl talking; boys back is to viewer; boy wears same outfit as the man in the center right; small tan dog sits at his feet; girl is blonde; handing boy flowers; wears red skirt, white long sleeve shirt; gray vest; light gray apron; in the background on the left are male dancers; dancers surrounded by a small crowd; a brown brick church with red roof; on right is a white building with red roof; group of women sit around a table; in distance are green hills; white buildings with red roofs; bottom right corner is "Jose Arrue" in black; top left corner " dib. propiedad No10" (propiedad = property in Spanish); bottom right corner "repr. artisticas, laborde y laboyen-tolosa"; print surrounded by light olive green matting; matting creased in two horizontal creases on left side; covered in glass Frame is stained wood; inside of frame has squares as a design; nicks and scratches on all sides of the frame; back covered in brown paper; center top of back has a rectangular silver sticker from "Fritchman's Arts and Crafts" in Boise, Idaho; top center right above sticker " R. Ondarza" written in black marker