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7: Distribution & Transportation Artifact
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Land Transportation -- Accessory
Dorothy Aldecoa Basil Aldecoa
probably used by Aldecoa's during last few years of their sheep wagons in the 1950's; saddle was originally constructed in the 1950's or 1940's
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Record Date: 
Winter 199
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Basil and Dorothy Aldecoa
Saddle Parade Sheepherding
Western style parade saddle that has been heavily worn and the model looks to be from the late 1940's or early 1950's; the saddle has multiple metal silver studs adorned on the front, sides, and stirrups of the saddle to give it a fancier look for a parade; the top of the saddle where the horn protrudes has wear enough that the metal on the front inside the horn is seen; the sides of the square sides of par that the horn is on has cracked side; the top of saddle has large amounts of wear to that the sides are slightly split open near the start of the stirrups; the rest of the saddle has lots of artwork carved into the leather with most of it being patterns or floral designs; the artwork has been severely rubbed away by use of the saddle with much dirt and grime inside much of the saddles parts; behind each of the stirrups is two metal rings held together with leather strapping and both sides are meant to connect by the leather girth that is on the left hand side of the saddle which is tied to the front ring on that side and appears to have been snapped at some point; each side of the saddle has three leather straps each held in by leather conchos and with the back two on the right held in by a circular metal concho with a star imprint each and the far back one on the left; the middle one on the left has lost its conchos and is now just a strap; the top of the saddle where the horn is on the right hand side is a strap that is used to put a lasso in and the bottom part has a spot that a buckle was ripped out of; found in CS2 on 7/30/2009