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7: Distribution & Transportation Artifact
Object Name: 
Saddle, Pack
Land Transportation -- Accessory
used for packing around objects during Basque sheepherding; possibly made in the early 1900's or late 1800's
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Record Date: 
Winter 199
Record From: 
Basil and Dorothy Aldecoa
Sheepherding Pack Saddle
pack saddle used for either horses or for mules for long sheepherding trips; the main part is of two pairs of 2 pieces of wood that are crossed to make an "X" with a large bottom and short top; the bottom is connected to two different long pieces of wood that act as a saddle to the horse with one "X" on the front and the other on the back; the back right of the back "X" has a metal brace on it and the front has a leather strap around the middle; the wood for both the "X" parts as well as the bottom parts are discolored and are half blackened and half wood with nothing so as to confuse which is the real color; the wood on both sides that act as a saddle has a "B" that faces backwards on the right and to the front on the left; the middle has straps coming put and interlacing to make the base for the Breahin in the back which is a simple thick piece of leather connected by a buckle on each of its sides to leather straps; the middle on the left has a double girth made of wool that connects to the straps on to via two metal rings tied to two leather straps tied to another two metal rings that are connected to the straps in the middle; the girth is connected by two metal rings on the opposite side of the girth that can go under the horse and tie to the other side of the pack saddle to another two rings that have a leather strap on the back ring; the front holds a breast collar and has worn piece of canvas behind a thick part of leather that goes onto the horses chest; above that is a small leather square that connects to four leather straps going back to either the saddle or the breast collar and has illegible words over the top of the middle and bottom that says "Makers Boise, Idaho"; the whole of the leather is very worn with many of the rivets holding together and some of the leather having been replaced; found in CS2 on 7/30/2009