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6: T&E For Communication
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Musical T&E
Bought by Jose Luis Egiluz for the BMCC in the Basque Country
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Jose Luis Egiluz
horn double pipe
Horn instrument made of actual horn with a wooden handle; the mouthpiece side is a small piece of an animal's horn that has been cut away and inverted so that you are blowing into the larger side; inside is two wooden pipes so that the instrument is a double windpipe; these two pipes is what the musician blows through; the pipes go through the horn and out the other side, and travel over the top of the wooden handle; the wooden handle is in the shape of a half circle with the flat edge connected to he pipes; the wood handle is dark stained and has multiple small carvings of leaves and vines with two large hole to put your hand through, two fingers to each hole; on one side of the handle in a large leaf carving is the letters "LB' carved in between the two holes and below them slightly; the pipes on top of the handle are yellowish in color with holes in each, one with 5 holes evenly spaced on the pipe and one with three holes on the back end of the pip but in even intervals with the other pipe's last three holes; the pipes then go into another larger horn and into the narrow end first; the pipes go through only a small bit and then stop allowing the horn to better echo the noise they produce; the horn is longer and more curved than the first and three holes on each side of the horn at the end of it, one on each side being large while the two holes that flank each of the large ones are small; on he front of the horn is a small hole with a wire ring in it with a piece of horn attached to it as a rung for the ALboka to hang from; the top of the horn is cut to make ridges; inside the Music Display Case