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3: Personal Artifacts
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Clothing -- Outerwear
given by Jay Hormaechea and may have been used in traditional Basque Dancing or in a field by Basque Sheepherders
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Juanita "Jay" Hormaechea
Work Shirt
Blouse-like work blue and white checkered shirt call a Brusa in Euskadi; shirt is very bloused and fans out at the bottom almost like a very wide but short dress; it is open-front and has no buttons or a zipper for which to tie the front together so it remains open front and would act as an overshirt; the only buttons on it are one on each cuff on an extended piece of fabric; on the left hand cuff there is a stain, that looks to be made by coffee; the collar is wide and has an edging of the same material that the rest of the shirt is made from but it is a diagonal, not horizontal, direction; the rest of the shirt has the same sort of an edge along with the front ended parts; the length of the shoulders is a reinforced piece of the fabric that ends with a thick cord of the same fabric and then has the same fabric become bloused below it for the rest of the shirt; two vertical pockets on front of shirt with covers of same fabric but it is diagonal; found in CS1.Row1.SEC1.SHF1 by Jeff Washburn in 7/6/2009