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3: Personal Artifacts
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Clothing -- Outerwear
Sweater may have been used by Oinkari dancers
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Dave Lachiando
Oinkari Basque Dancers Boise Sweatshirt
Short sleeved sweater with striped cuffs and collar and print in the middle of the front; the sweater is black; it is 100% cotton and is of the "Sportsman by Collegegiate Collection" and has a large "SA" on the back of the tag that was written in pen and this sweater is marked as "XL" for extra large; the cuffs and collar is made of a different pattern of cotton and each have two stripes that cover the circumference of the sleeve of neckline; the closest to the middle of the shirt for each is a white stripe and the closest to the edge of the shirt is red; the middle of the shirt is dominated by a very large print of two Basque Dancers, one male, one female; the male is wearing white pants and shirt with a green sash around his waist, white shoes and a red beret over black hair with his and the woman's hand held up high and posed; the female is wearing a red dress with a black stripe with a black apron over the top of it and a white blouse with black lace up shoes and black hair and white socks; over the top of the imprint is the word "Oinkari" in large block whiter letters and below the print is the words "Basque Dancers" in white lettering about half the size of the top part; found in CS1.CAB1.SHF2 by Jeff Washburn on 7/14/2009