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2: Building Furnishings
Boardinghouse furniture
Jose & Hermenegilda Uberuaga Collection
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Table, Dining
John and Serafina Mendiguren
Uberuaga, Hermenegilda Uberuaga, Jose Mendiguren, Serafina Mendiguren, John Sadowsky, Faye
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Faye Sadowsky
Uberuaga boardinghouse boardinghouse meals
This rectangular dining table is original to the Uberuaga boardinghouse and was used in the dining room by family and boarders. Photos and evidence of use that remain on the table support this claim. Tacks and fibrous material can be found on one of the long sides of the table, suggesting its use for household sewing projects. The inside of the skirts display heavy fingerprinting and multiple pieces of chewed gum. Various types of wood make up the parts of the table. The cross-members and skirt are probably pine, and the four legs and the slats underneath the linoleum are fir or hemlock. The 3.25in slats look like flooring material and even have the same width as the subflooring in the dining room. The table is topped with linoleum with a pattern of white, green, and blue squares lined in tan. The table top has a brass angle-trim uniformly nailed to the sides using brass finish nails. The current brown color of the skirt and legs was altered from the original pale green, still visible on portions of the table legs and on the underside of the skirt. The table can be seen in its original green color in photographs from the Uberuaga family's collection. The legs are attached to table from the skirt-side by six standard wood screws, three per side, approximately #14 in size. There are no nails or screws on the back side of the table legs. The skirt is butt-jointed. There are three cross-members supporting the table top attached with finish nails. The short sides of the skirt also act as cross-members. The entirety of the underside of the table is unpainted.