8: Communication Artifact
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Luis Arrizabala
Basque Dancers
Frame with picture and caption
Picture is of "The Basque Dancers" one of the first groups of Basque Dancers in Idaho; photo was taken in 1940 and is black and white; small photo is adhered to a white piece of paper with print on the paper that narrates the picture and says: "'THE BASQUE DANCERS'-- One of the earliest group of Basque Dancers in Idaho, 1940, was a group of Emmett teenagers brought together by Cipri & Julia Barroetabena, Lucy Garatea and Jose Villanueva. All but two were Basques, and they gave exhibitions at the Idaho State Fair but their hopes of national appearances were interrupted by World War II. Members shown in picture are, left to right, back row: Joe Barroetabena, Tony Galdos, Luiz Arrizabla, Henry Garatea, Frank Garatea, John Eiguren, Raymond Foruria, John Beitia and Bernard Gratton. The musician was Amrosio Aparicio. The girls int he front row are: Rosie Bilbao Noble, Joan Woods Sorenson, Irene Bicandi Anderson, Marie Basabe Robinson, Juanita Fundasuri Schiller, Annis Jayo Humphries, Connie Eiguren Beutler and Dolores Barroetabena Holbrook." Frame is new and is wood; back is black matting and has a "foot" to pull out so that the frame may stand by itself; Luis Arrizabala, the donor, is in the picture and perhaps typed the quote on the page; found in CS1.Row3.SEC1.SHF2 by Jeff Washburn on 6/5/2009