8: Communication Artifact
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Documentary Artifact
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Luis Arrizabala
Boxer Fighter
front of postcard with Uzcudun and name; notice the amount of wear
Postcard with a black and white picture of Paulino Uzcudun, a great Basque boxer, on the front; postcard is small and has Uzcudun on front hunched over and leaning to the right and his hands up around his chest as if ready to strike; he is wearing short shorts, boxing shoes and white socks and two small boxing gloves; on the bottom is a thin horizontal black line with a small thin vertical line coming down from its right side; inside this half rectangle is the words "Paulino Uzcudun" in black; there is heavy staining and discoloration on the upper left hand side with white splotches abounding; the corners are beaten up and creased and folded the two corners on the right side have been cut and torn; the back is horizontal in nature while the front was vertical; the top has the words "Post Card" in large lettering and below it are the words Correspondence" and "Address" spaced far away from each other; on the right side right next to "Address" is a small square with each side outlined by a small square on each side and the letters "AZO" in between each letter; in the middle is the print "Place Stamp Here"; vertically is the phrase in black pen and written by hand is "Famous Basque FIghter in the 1920's and 1930's" probably by the former owner; small holes in each corner of the card and there is heavy discoloration on the back