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11: Natural History
Object Name: 
Leaf, Tree
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Regina Aldecoa
Gernika Tree Oak Tree Oak Leaf
Oak leaf from the Gernika Arbola that has been scraped down to show an imprint of the tree and the capital building on the leaf; the leaf is dark green but aside from the carving of the tree and the capital building in the leaf, the "skin" of the rest of the leaf has been scraped off to show just the "veins" of the leaf and a very light green; the leaf is adhered to a white piece of paper that has the caption "Gernika 95" painted in gold right below the leaf; the paper is encased in a cream colored thick paper frame that can be entered from the bottom and has two gold lines around the frame; found in CS1.Row3.SEC1.SHF3 by Jeff Washburn on 6/8/2009