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11: Natural History
Object Name: 
Leaf, Tree
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Regina Aldecoa
Leaf Tree Gernika Gernika Oak Tree
Tree leaf from the Gernika Oak Tree that has a carving of the tree and the capital building on it; it is much the same as the leaf in 1994.005.001 with minor modifications to show that both are hand made; "skin" has been scraped away from the leaf to show the carving in the middle and reveals "veins" throughout the rest of the leaf and a light green color while the middle that has not been scraped shows the carving of the tree and capital in dark green; leaf is adhered to white paper and has the caption "Gernika #95" below leaf in gold painting; paper is encased in cream colored paper frame with two gold lines surrounding it; leaf can be removed from the opening in the bottom of the frame; found in CS1.Row3.SEC1.SHF3 by Jeff Washburn on 6/9/2009