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7: Distribution & Transportation Artifact
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Bag, Water
Land Transportation -- Accessory
May have been used by shepherds for long rides for both the sheep herd and horse
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Regina Aldecoa
Water Bag
canvas water bag with red plastic top and rope strap to carry it with; rope is attached onto the top of the bag by two brass grommets that have been punched completely through the canvas and the rope is knotted on both ends on th back side; on the top left corner is a red cap with a running deer imprinted on it, that can be removed and is held on by a small piece of plastic which has a small rip in it; the front is imprinted with a caption and a red apple in the middle of the that says "Original" running through it; above the apple is a jumping deer in the middle of the words "Hirsch" and "Weis"; on the right side of the apple is "No. 1521"; below the apple is "Water Bag" in red lettering with a blue outline, "Genuine Imported Linen" in green, "Self Cooling" in red, "Hirsch-Weis Canvas Products Co. Portland, Oregon" in blue; found in CS1.Row3.SEC1.SHF3 by Jeff Washburn on 6/8/2009