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8: Communication Artifact
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Picture, Woven
Leuteritz, Hugo
Scene from the Basque Country with traditional Basque recipe on it
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Leuteritz, Hugo
Quilux Pays Basque Basque Country Piperade
Framed cloth piece with a traditional Basque recipe on it; Basque dancers and Jai Alai players in background on the shore; all writing in French; "Pays Basque" (Basque Country) across top; on yellow banner; writing red; recipe for "La Piperade on blue parchment center bottom; red,w hite, and black writing; "Faites cuire d l'huile Trois paivrons, un 1/2 piment un oignon, une goussed'ail, ajoutez thym, laurier. Battez six oeufs avecdu persil hache. Versezceux-de graisse d'oie. Ajoutez lasauce et remuez pelez unetranche de jam bon de Bayonne papersonne _Serves chaud._ Bon Appetit!"; recipe scroll surrounded by food that is in the recipe; on left are male and female Basque dancers in traditional dress; dancers in front of small garden and house; white house with red roof and wooden trim; right are three Jai Alai players in a fronton; they wear white with red belts; in the background is a bridge leading out over the water to a tall island; island has statue or building on top of it; man in rowboat near the island; backgound is trees and blue/green water; picture surrounded by gray border and larger black border around that; bottom right corner in black "Quilux" Frame is dark brown stained wood; back is covered in brown paper; paper has a few tears in it