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8: Communication Artifact
Txistu is a traditional Basque instrument. The musician plays the flute like instrument with his left hand. His right hand beats a drum that is hanging from his left arm. Lauburu is the Basque cross and a very prominent symbol in the Basque culture.
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Picture, Woven
Leuteritz, Hugo
Picture of Basque dancers in traditional dress
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Leuteritz, Hugo
Basque Dancing Basque traditional dress
Framed woven piece of Basque dancers in traditional dress; outside; Two couples and a musician; another couple sits in the grass in the background; dancers all have their arms raised; snapping fingers; men wear white shirts, pants and shoes; red sashes and berets; have green and brown leg bands; women wear white tights and white shoes that lace up the calf in red string; red mid calf skirts with black band at the bottom; white long sleeved shirts; black lace up vests; white head covering; musician on right; plays a txistu; musician wears white shoes, shirt and pants; Pants and shirt have green and red zigzag design; red sash and beret; green vest; in background is a farmhouse; peaked roof and chimney; mountains; blue sky; decorative border in yellow, red, green, and black; lauburus on right and left side Frame is brown stained wood; back covered in brown paper; no rips; metal piece in center is held by one nail