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9: Recreational Artifacts
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Cesta, Jai Alai
Sports Equipment
given by Jay Hormaechea and may have been used as a plant holder after a long life of Jai Alai playing
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Juanita "Jay" Hormaechea
Cesta Jai Alai Plant Pot
Cesta with plastic lining in middle of basket part for plant displays; cesta is made if wicker that has been worn down and is turning greyish brown in color; on the very tip of the Cesta is what looks to be orange thread that is frayed with most parts having the orange bled out; the glove on the bottom part of the Cesta is dark brown and worn with the leather cracking on the bottom and looks as if this Cesta was played with for a long time; the middle of the basket is lined with a thick clear plastic liner that seems to have been a gel or liquid that was made to form on the Cesta as the plastic coating goes through to the back and has some of the plastic on the outside surface of the Cesta; donor file says that this plastic was meant for the Cesta to hold plants like a pot; found in CS2.SEC1.SHF4 by Rowan Coughlin on 7/2/2009