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8: Communication Artifact
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Paddle, Fraternal
Personal Symbol
Could be used as a great example of artifacts from Boise; interviews with one of the signees, Ramon Ysursa; could be used for Ellis Island exhibit for Boise artifact
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Lucy Bauman
Boise High School Engraved Wood National Basque Fraternity Paddle Pala Wood Carving Wooden
Wooden Paddle with many personal markings, names and inscriptions either on the wood or engraved into it on both sides of the paddle; one of two; shaped to look like a Pala paddle; many readable names including but not limited to: Ramon Ysursa, Louise Astoreca and John Asumendi; names also include first names of: John, Joe, Manuel and another Joe; Ramon Ysursa was contacted and interviewed about the paddles, explaining that they where made during the year that is engraved in the middle of the paddle: 1933. The "BHS" that is legibly visible once on both sides stands for Boise High School which most of the signees of the paddle went to. It may have been to commemorate the Fort Boise Days, a Basque festival, that was held in either 1933 or 1934. All signees were members of the National Basque Fraternity and where all male. It was probably made in the Industrial Arts Building at Boise High School at the wood shop during school hours. The opposite side shows the "BHS" symbol and a diamond, spade and club all forming a triangle with the diamond at the top. This was engraved because of the signees fondness for card playing. The club might also be representing Boy Scouts since it is close to the symbol that the Boy Scouts use and since all of the signees where members; ten square holes are shown in a "4x2x4" set of lines on this side of the paddle; at the bottom of the paddle, there is an "A" on both sides; the side with the signatures shows many years, possibly graduation dates for each separate person; very high probability that the paddle was made in 1933