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8: Communication Artifact
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Paddle, Fraternal
Personal Symbol
Can be use as great example of an artifact of Basques in Boise during the turn of the century; one of the signees, Ramon Ysursa has come in for interviews; could be used for Ellis Island or other exhibits illustrating Basque culture in Boise
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Lucy Bauman
Wood Wooden National Basque Fraternity Boise High School Boise Basques Paddle Carved
Wooden Paddle that is paired with the paddle 1995.023.001 and was created at the same time; small hole at bottom of the handle; "BHS" at the bottom of the handle, stands for Boise High School; Ramon Ysursa was interviewed on this paddle as he was one of the signees of the two paddles and the names of Dionisio Letemendi and Luis can both be seen along with many other names that are no longer legible or are hard to read; the paddle was to look like a miniature Pala Paddle; holes have bored through the middle of the paddle in an inverted cross pattern, with 4 holes going up and down in a straight line and a line of three intersecting at the third hole from the top; all signees where members of the National Basque Fraternity and were Boyscouts, most graduated Boise High School, which is where these paddles were probably made in the Industrial Arts Building; may have been made to commemorate the Fort Boise Days Festival of 1934; inscription of "Boise" on one side of the paddle; all that can be seen on the opposite side is the holes that have been bored through and small divots that are circular in nature