10: Unclassifiable Artifacts
Lesaka is a festival that celebrates the feast day of San Fermin on July 7th. The dance celebrates a peace pact between Pikuzelaia and Legarrea in Lesaka. After mass men perform dances in a procession from the church to the river. A Txistu is a Basque musical instrument. It is a flute like instrument and a drum.
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Wood/ photo paper
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Juanita Hormaechea
Basque dancers Lesaka sword dance
Front of Photo
Color photograph of men dancing with swords while women watch; all the figures are in traditional basque costumes; on the coast; ocean in background; village with white buildings and red roofs in the background on the left; figures on green grass; on the left and in center are the men dancing; far left is a group of 5 or 6 in a standing in circle with arms raised over head; they are holding another man up over their heads; he is standing; standing on stop of swords; all these men wear white; green sash; red beret; maroon fabric tied below their knees; all carry two short swords; left and center two men are dancing/ fighting; same costume as others except for two sashes over each shoulder (makes 'X' over chest); left man brown and yellow sashes; center man blue and red sashes; far right two men play the Txistu; men wear tan socks; gray pants; white shirts; black sash and beret; in center 4 women sit behind dancers; they wear white stockings; yellow and blue skirts; white blouses; black vests; white caps; hair pulled back; two women have copper buckets; not covered in glass: high gloss photo frame is black; two white stripes around very edge of frames; brown paper covers back; bottom center is a gold rectangular sticker from "The Fritchmen Galleries" in Boise, Idaho