8: Communication Artifact
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Egusuiza Family
cigar store Mountain Home
picture of the men, caption and frame
Framed picture from newspaper of the "Corner Cigar Store" that was probably in Mountain Home, Idaho; picture is in black and white and shows 11 men and one boy inside of a bar-like setting with a "Coca-Cola" sign clearly legible on the left side of the picture; they probably taken during the twenties; frame is wood that has been nailed together and spray painted a bright copper with some smudging; glass in front is cracked in a curve from the middle of the right side to about a quarter way on the bottom of the frame; picture has caption from the newspaper that says "Cigar Corner Store: Patrons of the cigar Corner Store, formerly located on the corner of North Main and East Jackosn Streets, pose for this photo nearly 45 year ago. They are, left to right, Guy Henderson, John Cristobal, Mike Horgan, Bruno Ramsco, Domingo Mendiola, Jess Egusquiza, Larry Eguquisza, a man whose last name was McEachern, Rich Sillonis, an unknown man, Buster Rainey and the youngster on the bar stool is Joe Oyarzabal. (Photo courtesy of Maria Oyarzabal)" Found in CS1.Row3.SEC2.SHF3 by Jeff Washburn on 6/9/2009 with copy of immigration papers to leave from Euskadi to the United States for one member of the family in April of 1920