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8: Communication Artifact
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Token, Store
Exchange Medium
May be from a grocery store that was owned by Phil Uberuaga; great for Basque Culture in Boise exhibit
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Juanita "Jay" Hormaechea
Nickel wood grocery store token
Wooden Nickel that was made by Phil's Grocery owned by Phil Uberuaga; the front of the nickel has an Indian's head in black print with the words "Wooden Nickel" above it and a black line surrounding it; the back has black print also with the words "Meats Vegetables Beverages And Coins" in the middle; over the top of this is the words "Phil's Grocery" and below the middle is the address "2501 Madison Ave.- Boise"; the wood is in good shape and there is only light wear on it; on the indian head, right above the feather in his hair, is a small purple ink stain in the shape of a dot; found in CS1 in a box by Jeff Washburn on 7/2/2009