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3: Personal Artifacts
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Clothing -- Outerwear
with many other dancing clothing items; should be used for Basque Dancing exhibit
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Juanita "Jay" Hormaechea
Black velvety short vest used for traditional Basque Dancing and clothing; the material itself is very soft and has a velvety feel to it while giving off a bright sheen; the inside is the back of that material and is a flatter black; the vest is open in the front and has five eyeholes on each side so that a string may pass through them and secure the front; all eyeholes on each side show wear with the middle hole in each side being the worst, both having been stitched on one side to keep them together; the second hole form the bottom on each side is very threadbare while the rest show wear and tear but nothing as bad; the inside of the left breast side is a small amount of stitching near the bottom ad it is unknown why it is there as it looks hand done; found in CS1 in a box by Jeff Washburn on 7/2/2009