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3: Personal Artifacts
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Clothing -- Outerwear
found in box with large amounts of Basque clothing donated by Jay Hormaechea; may be her skirt when dancing to the "Song of the Basques" in the 1940's
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Juanita "Jay" Hormaechea
Red Skirt that is made to look like traditional Basque wear; skirt is a very bright red made of a very silky and shiny material; the outside is ruffled and has two black stripes made of the same material near the bottom of the skirt; the top is a straight band of the same fabric and is fastened at the side by 3 metal hooks; the side with the catch for the hooks has a rectangular piece of mesh-like red fabric that has an unknown purpose; the side with the hooks is open for about a third of the skirt and has one small metal button in the middle of the opening on a double layer of the fabric; the bottom of the opening is sewn together but is starting to tear slightly; some frays can be seen near the black lines; found in CS1 in a box by Jeff Washburn on 7/2/2009