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3: Personal Artifacts
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Clothing -- Outerwear
may have been used by Juanita Hormaechea while dancing to "Song of the Basques"
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Juanita "Jay" Hormaechea
Song of the Basques Dancing
Red Skirt that is made to look like traditional Basque dancing skirt; probably used and made for Boise Basque dancing group; made of very soft red material that may be satin; top of skirt is very thick waist band that has stitching going through it and has a long slit on one side so that the person may fit into the skirt; slit is about a third of the length of the dress and is held shut by 4 hooks and latches on the waistband; hooks and latches are black metal and have each been sewn on by red and black thread; one of the latches for the hooks has become bent and slightly mangled; the band around the top is red but has some lightened spots that may be due to bleaching or old age; the bottom of the skirt has two thick black lines that encircle it; on each side of the black lines is multicolored stitching that border the outside of both black lines; stitching is very bright and has colors red yellow green and white in that order going around again and again; some of the edges of the multicolored stitching is frayed; found in CS1 in a box by Jeff Washburn on 7/2/2009